North East Warrington Credit Union

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NEWCU Common Bond Area


Membership is based on people having a 'Common Bond' such as living and/or working in a certain area.  NEWCU operates within a Common Bond area that encompasses all districts within the Warrington Borough Boundary.  


In addition, if you have a business within the Warrington Borough, your employees can also enjoy the benefits of NEWCU membership.


General Rules and Requirements


  • NEWCU services are available to members only.

  • Members are advised that it is their own responsibility to repay any loan as promised under the terms of that loan.

  • Members will be advised of all meetings and events of the Credit Union and it is in the Members' interest to attend.

  • Only savings above any outstanding loan may be withdrawn.

  • Books are to be handed in for quarterly audit and the recording of interest to comply with the registrars ruling.