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Standard Loans

North East Warrington Credit Union's standard loans are savings based.  You need to be a member and saving on a regular basis. Regular savings payments need to be made for a minimum of 10 out of 13 weeks.  You can then borrow up to £200 or the amount in your savings plus £125, whichever is the larger.  Once this has successfully been repaid you can borrow up to 3 times your savings up to a maximum of £10,000 with NEWCU Board approval.


  • Low interest rate on a reducing basis: 19.25% APR up to £2999, 16.04% APR for £3000 and over

  • Convenient weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments

  • Borrow up to £10,000 (over this figure with NEWCU Board approval)

  • No credit checks

  • Loan is not taken from your savings so your savings continue to receive interest


Standard loans last for a minimum of 6 months but can be spread over a maximum of 3 years.


Helping Hand (HH) Loans are small, short term loans whose repayments are spread over a period of 26 weeks or 6 months. HH Loans are by appointment only.


1st Loan - £200

2nd Loan - maximum £400 once the 1st loan has been fully paid back

3rd Loan - maximum £500 once the 2nd loan has been fully paid back


For example, for a £200 loan the total interest charge (41.67% APR) would typically be £22 to £25 depending on the payment schedule.


All the following are required for a Helping Hand loan:

  • Banker's Card

  • Proof of rent address - Rent book or original letter from letting agent

  • NI number - Card or DHSS correspondence

  • Contract of employment

  • Up to date passport or English Driving License

  • Up to date original bank statement - no copies taken from the internet

  • Original Payslip - no copies


  • Working a minimum of 25 hours per week

  • Payments to be made only by direct debit through the bank

  • Application with collection of copies of documents done on one day by appointment

  • A cheque will be made available next day once documentation has been assessed and approved

Helping Hand Loans